Spampy New Year!

Hello Spampers and welcome to 2017!  Thank you to those who have shown interest, and especially to those who have purchased THE SPAMP.

SPAMP MAN has been busy in the SPAMP CAVE building SPAMPs and developing THE STAMP – all the meaty goodness of THE SPAMP in a stomp box.  The prototype STAMP is currently gracing the pedal-board of Huddersfield musician Woody – The String Man (no relation!) for field testing.   THE STAMP features the same gain and distortion engine of THE SPAMP with the addition of a tone adjustment for more creative control.  THE STAMP should be on sale from March 2017.

Other projects taking form in the darkest reaches of the SPAMP CAVE are the SUPER SPAMP, a SPAMP with a built in speaker, and the MEGA SPAMP, a practice amplifier in the 10W to 20W range.  Both of these should be available later in 2017.

Some prospective Spampers have asked if it would be possible to upload some videos or sound files of THE SPAMP in action.  I’m working on it and sorry for the delay.

Unfortunately, there has been a problem with the Contact Us form on  The back office part of the form was broken so it didn’t do anything with any data entered.  If you tried to contact SPAMP MAN and you are waiting for a response, please submit your question again.

All the very best for 2017.