THE SPAMPeko is a guitar preamplifier, reverb / echo effect and headphone practice amplifier, perfect for those psychedelic solos.

The input is Spamp Man’s signature JFET amplifier. The very high input impedance presents minimal loading to the pick-up resulting in a wide, flat passband which sounds great. The echo effect ranges from simulating playing in a big room to something more echoey than the Grand Canyon.

DELAY adjusts the delay from approximately 40ms to 400ms.

REPS adjusts the number of echos before the sound decays. This was going to be called burps, but let’s be clear, SPAM does not make you burp, so it was called REPS – short for repeats.

MIX controls the amplitude of the delayed signal versus the amplitude of the clean signal. Anti-clockwise for mostly clean (dry), clockwise for mostly delayed (wet).

HEAT adjusts the headphone volume and the output level of the 1/4 inch jack output.

LINE IN 3.5mm socket intended for connection to a line or headphone level source from a mobile phone or other media player. A 3.5mm stereo male – male cable is supplied for this. The stereo input is mixed into a mono signal and added to the guitar output path.

PHONES 3.5mm output socket. THE SPAMPeko can drive headphones with a nominal impedance of 16 ohmsor greater. The amplified guitar output is mixed with left and right channels of the headphone output so you can play along without disturbing your parents, partner or children as applicable.

Technical Stuff

Input Impedance1 Mohm
Delay Range40 mS to 400 ms approx
Nominal Input Level-20 dBu
Line Output Impedance1 kohm typical
Nominal Output Level-20dBu (adjustable)
Line-in Input Impedance>10 kohm
Headphone Impedance>16 ohm
Current consumption 25 mA typical
Battery Type9V PP3 / MN1604 / 6LR61
Alkaline Recommended
NiMH & L.Ion Rechargeable OK