All the meaty goodness of a SPAMP that you can share, THE SPAMP+ has a speaker!

Following the introduction of THE SPAMP, SpampMan received a lot of comments generally praising, but wouldn’t it be nice if…

  1. Can we have a speaker?
  2. Can you make the distortion a bit more, well, distorted?
  3. Can you make the headphone socket a 1/4 inch jack so I can use my pro headphones?
  4. Can you give it a power socket so I don’t have to use batteries?
  5. Can I have a tone control?
  6. Can it make me sound like Hendrix / Clapton / Page / Slash?

THE SPAMP+ fulfils the first 5, but number 6 is on you!

After an extended period in the Spamp Cave, SpampMan is pleased to reveal THE SPAMP+.


How loud is THE SPAMP+ ?
It’s not a stack of Marshalls but it’s plenty loud enough to annoy SpampMan’s mom. A whole, rippling 2W rms of meaty goodness. Any more and the battery would croak after 10 mins.

Like THE SPAMP, THE SPAMP+ features a JFET input stage.

In addition to THE SPAMP’s SPICE and HEAT controls, THE SPAMP+ now has TASTE, an effective swept tone control for more creative control.

FRIED and GRILLED do the same, but more!

The 1/4 inch headphone socket is stereo so you can hear the line source that you are playing along with in stereo – SpampMan prefers it this way. Do not plug a mono guitar lead into this socket! When headphones (or the supplied adapter) are plugged in, it disables the power amplifier to save power.

THE SPAMP+ is supplied with a 1/4 inch to 3.5mm stereo adapter for those of us that don’t use pro headphones, and a 3.5mm stereo male to male lead for your mp3 player / iPhone or whatever practice source you use.